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DREAM Dragon Blanket (100% Velvet)

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Supremely soft in 100% plush velvet, this whimsical Dragon vibrant design is as cozy as it gets!

Softer than fleece, it's the perfect dragon snuggle blanket on the couch, road trips or as added comfort & warmth for naptime or bedtime. 

Mermaid throw blanket designed in the USA

  • Size: 48 inches x 60 inches (large enough for the average adult - 5 feet long)
  • Front: DREAM Dragon design in vibrant red
  • Back: Ultra-soft red velvet (softer than fleece)
  • Material: 100% velvet (no sequins on the blanket)
  • Easy Care: Machine Washable 
  • Get more, save more: Bundle of 3 (Matching Dream pillow, bracelet, and blanket)
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