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FREE SHIPPING on all U.S. orders
FREE SHIPPING on all U.S. orders

Cousin Eddie's RV Rentals *Complimentary $20 Pillow* (1990 version)

$ 20.00

For a brief time in the early 90's, the Mermaid Pillow Co may have been contracted by 'Cousin Eddie's RV Rentals' to create a line of promotional pillows.

The Mermaid Pillow Co has brought back this pillow for a LIMITED TIME and is offering it for $20.00 - and best of all -- you can order the pillow today without renting Eddie's RV! 

Own a piece of history while making your friends & family laugh at your decorating. 

The details: 

- 15 x 15 dimensions
- Soft Velvet on the Front
- Gold Sequins on the Back
- Free Shipping in the USA