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20" x 24" SENSORY SEQUIN "Magic Flippy" Board

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Challenges with sensory processing and tactile issues? Parents say these boards are calming, soothing and therapeutic!

Write. Design. Swipe it away! 

20" x 24" SENSORY SEQUIN "Magic Flippy" Board

📏 SIZE: 20 inches x 24 inches (white frame)
💙 COLOR: Lake Blue & Silver Reversible Sequins
🚚 FREE Shipping: all orders in the USA
🎨 BONUS: Create endless designs! A canvas for creativity!

    Insider Tip: Our initial supply of 100 boards sold out in less than 48 hours. Get yours now while supplies last.

    Best Deal! HUGE Discount: Buy 2 get 1 Free (3 Flippy Boards for $99).
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    SENSORY BRACELETS!  Bracelets sold separately in 15 different colors (slap and Velcro style available)

    What is it? Our customers say it best...

    "My daughter loves her Sequin Frame. She changes the "message" or "design" on the board everyday - which keeps her room as unique as she is!" - Kay O, FL

     "My 7-year-old son chooses this over the iPad. I'm not kidding. It's super relaxing as it's fun for them to see him use it to express his creativity." - Bonnie P., TX

     "It's like the modern etch-a-sketch. She is obsessed with it." - Ben D., RI