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*Winner's Only* Free Bracelet with Every Purchase Offer (Top Prize)

Congratulations, you won our top prize: A free mermaid bracelet with every purchase. 

And every is the key word: This offer is unlimited. For example, if you add (3) items to your cart, then you can add (3) bracelets to your cart - free. No limit. 

Note: The bracelet price will adjust from $14.99 to FREE once you add it to cart along with a second item. Example: Add two bracelets to your cart, and one of them will show as FREE. 

Below is a screenshot showing an example of the offer. It's showing a blanket and a pillow along with (2) bracelets which will automatically adjust the price from $14.99 to FREE once you add them to your shopping cart. 

Example Screenshot of Bracelets in Shopping Cart