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37 Reasons You Should Own A Mermaid Pillow


1. It has a calming effect. 

"My mermaid pillow is truly the coolest thing I own.  It has a calming effect that I just love.  The beauty of the colors, gentle swipes that create the most beautiful images. Awesome and a one of a kind." Khloe purchased the Fuschia & Silver Mermaid Pillow

2. Kids go crazy for them. 

"I got this adorable pillow to go with a knitted mermaid blanket for my 12 year old granddaughter's birthday.  She is going to go crazy for it." - Marci purchased the Matte Navy & Silver Mermaid Sequin Pillow


3. Everyone becomes an artist! 

It's fun to watch people's reaction to the pillows some will just brush it once others will look at as a canvas and create a piece of art!" - Claudia purchased the Fuschia & Silver Mermaid Pillow


4. Compliments any Mermaid theme.

"I bought this for my granddaughter who is decorating her bedroom with a mermaid theme and I thought this was the perfect match for her room. She was delighted and can't stop touching it!" - Cathy purchased the Fuschia & Silver Mermaid Pillow


5. A unique gift. 

"I am surprising my daughter Maddie when she gets back from her first year at sleep away camp this summer with a new big girl bedroom and can't wait for her to see this amazing mermaid pillow on her new bed!!" - 
Jessica purchased the Matte Rice White & Silver Mermaid Pillow


6. Can you picture a rockstar and disco ball having a baby?

"I like that my pillow can look all sophisticated and suave, and then with a swish! It can look like a rockstar and a disco ball had a baby." - 
Alexis purchased the Black & White Mermaid Sequin Pillow


7. Adds a little sparkle and shine to any room. 

"My favorite part of owning my mermaid pillow is that they make my living room look way better! They sparkle and shine when you walk in my house they are perfect for me and my unicorn palace!" - 
Franziska purchased the Matte Rice White & Silver Mermaid Pillow


8. Simply relaxing. 

"Yes. I wanted to add since having the pillows me and my husband don't argue anymore. I just play with my pillow and we talk it out. It helps me to gather my thoughts. The best invention yet." - Kristen purchased the Black & White Mermaid Sequin Pillow 


9. 16-pillows-in-1! 

"My favorite part of having a mermaid pillow is that I could buy one pillow and have sixteen pillows in one. I can choose to have it be classy, trendy, over the top out there, understated or make a supremely statement like pillow. The mermaid pillow is like a mood ring that I CONTROL! Love it!! Thanks." - Moshe purchased the Matte Rice White & Silver Mermaid Pillow


10. An antidote to overstimulation of electronics.

"Not only is my pillow gorgeous and a conversation piece, but it calms my very active 4 year old. It is like the antidote to overstimulation of electronics. We love it." - 
Kristine purchased the Black & White Mermaid Sequin Pillow


11. An anxiety reliever.

"This pillow is not only an anxiety reliever but it's very fun to play with. Me and my son love it. We will be buying many more. These are unique to each persons style with endless beauty possibilities at each fingertip." - 
Kristen purchased the Matte Rice White & Silver Mermaid Pillow


12. Long-lasting. 

"Happy to report our mermaid pillows are doing "swimmingly" !!  We love them." - 
Mari purchased the Black & White Mermaid Sequin Pillow


13. Write fun messages back and forth.

"I got the pillows for my mom. We thought it would be cool to leave each other messages with the pillows. We Skype often and she watches my son twice a week. Its been fun. She had been hunting for a mermaid pillow for months and couldn't find one. She ordered from a company who never shipped them. That was around Christmas. So I surprised her with the pillows for mothers day. She was floored and has sent me several pictures with her pillows." - Ashleigh purchased the Black & Shiny Gold Mermaid Sequin Pillow


14. Even Dad's love them. 

"A fine product for people who enjoy grand pillows! Father's Day gift is set!" - Jonny purchased the Green Blue & Black Mermaid Pillow


15. Easy to "change it up"!

"My favorite thing about owning a mermaid pillow is the cool and creative designs I can make with my fingers whenever I want to "change it up" a little.  They are never boring and a beautiful contemporary twist to your home." - Jamille purchased the Green Blue & Black Mermaid Pillow


16. Grandma loves it, but so do the granddaughters! 

"Love Love the Mermaid pillows!! The colors are stunning!!  I couldn't get mine away from my grand daughters Rio and Sydney so I bought 2 more pillows for them. We write messages on them and send text pictures back and forth! FUN!!" - Cheria purchased the Black & Shiny Gold Mermaid Sequin Pillow


17. Keeps company entertained.

"I love the mermaid pillow. I received the pillow when I was not home, but by the time came back from work, the package was opened and my family was having a lovely time playing with the pillow. It matches perfectly into my room and find it an exquisite piece. It also keeps people who visit entertained haha." - Shahera purchased the Green Blue & Black Mermaid Pillow


18. Love notes! 

"My kids can leave surprise messages for me! I look forward the their love messages every morning when I head down to the sofa where it's placed." - Audrey purchased the Fuschia & Silver Mermaid Pillow 


19. Have a business? Clients love them. 

"I used the mermaid pillow in one of my interior designs for a Ladies Lash Lounge & it is a hit w/ all of her clients!! It adds so much character & glam to the seating area!" - Haute Hill purchased the Fuschia & Silver Mermaid Pillow


20. They can go in ANY décor! 

"I’m happy to tell you my favorite part of owning your Mermaid Pillow.  My favorite thing about them is the fact that they can go in ANY décor!  You can’t find a room that wouldn’t benefit from the quality and pizzazz of a Mermaid Pillow.  Not only are they entertaining for child to senior, but the elegant colors (especially the matte rice/silver) work in any décor! - Jason purchased all of our mermaid pillows


21. A new pillow everyday! 

"It’s like having a new pillow every day!" - Jessica purchased the Black & White Mermaid Sequin Pillow 


22. Always wanted to be a mermaid? 

“They remind me of my childhood! I’ve always wanted to be a mermaid so this is the closest thing to it!” - Lauren purchased the Black & White Mermaid Sequin Pillow 


23. An instant conversation piece.

"Our mermaid pillow is awesome! I purchased from your company and another and yours is of MUCH better quality than a more expensive company I recently ordered from. Our mermaid pillow is quite a conversation piece for guests and provides entertainment as well as Beauty to our living room! Very pleased with our purchase, excellent quality and price!" - Nikki purchased the Black & White Mermaid Sequin Pillow 


24. Makes a statement. 

"I've used these fun statement pillows particularly the rice white and silver sequence on the bed or on an accent chair to add a bit of subtle glamour to the Master bedroom's decor; I find it's the perfect size and quality to be a valuable addition to my bespoke distinctive, luxurious, living signature style." - Charmaine purchased the Rice White and Silver sequence


25. Thank you, Mary. 

"I recently and unexpectedly lost my brother, husband, mother in law and mama. I put your gorgeous  pillow on my husbands chair to remind me of my stars in heaven. I change the pattern often - it makes me so happy!" - Mary purchased the Matte Rice White & Silver Mermaid Pillow


26. Satisfy your "wild side"! 

"My favorite part about owning 2 mermaid pillows is that I can satisfy my fun wild side but still look super chic doing it!!   I like to make designs and patterns in the pillows.  If I'm watching spooky movies I pretend like there are claw marks across the pillow.  When my mom came to visit I wrote "I love you" in One pillow and "Mom" in the other." - Rachel purchased the Matte Rice White & Silver Mermaid Pillow


27. A nice break from screen time. 

"They keep my granddaughters occupied and off of i Pads. They use their imagination and try and draw on them. One made a pretty good replica of the United States." - Gayle purchased the Matte Rice White & Silver Mermaid Pillow


28. "My friends say they can tell me mood...." 

"It is a conversation piece . It is sitting in one of the bar stools in my kitchen . I can write a different message in the sequins daily . I love it . My friends say they can tell my mood based on the message in the pillow. So funny." - Evette purchased the Black & White Mermaid Sequin Pillow 


29. Detailed entertainment at its finest! 

"My order just arrived yesterday but the best part so far is writing on it!  My son (10) and I took turns sneaking around erasing each other's words and leaving behind our own, lol.  Tactically of course it's very soothing and we're both sure to address any individual sequins that perhaps didn't flip all the way over during erasing - detailed entertainment at its finest. :-)" - Ericka purchased the Black & White Mermaid Sequin Pillow 


30. Good for business! 

"I have the pillow in my office and I rub it every time I walk by. I’m a mortgage broker and when I have clients come in, I give The pillow to the kids and it occupy’s them while I talk business with the adults. LOVE MY PILLOW!" - Kelly purchased the Matte Rice White & Silver Mermaid Pillow


31. Great quality. 

I love my mermaid pillow. It's super cute and adds a really unique and girly accent to my room! It's also really good quality and it's very fun to swipe back and forth (: - Karlia purchased the Matte Rice White & Silver Mermaid Pillow


32. A fun learning tool! 

"I didn't realize what a learning tool it would be! My six year old granddaughter LOVES to practice writing her numbers and letters on it. We've also figured out how to play Tic Tax Toe on it! I have definitely gotten my money's worth out of it - hours of entertainment!" - Pasia purchased the Matte Rice White & Silver Mermaid Pillow


33. Adds a touch of whimsy. 

"I love adding a touch of whimsy to every room I decorate. The mermaid pillow is THAT touch of whimsy ..,it adds interest and is a fun conversation piece." - Amber purchased the Fuschia & Silver Mermaid Pillow


35. Fun way to pass the time.

"I purchased these for my spa and have them sitting on the chairs where clients wait...They sit there creating designs and are quite intrigued with them while they wait!!!! Love them!!! Great idea!!!" - Sharon purchased the Matte Rice White & Silver Mermaid Pillow


35. Surprisingly addictive.

"Therapeutic, surprisingly addictive and unique; every space can stand for a bit of sparkle!" - Jessica purchased the Matte Rice White & Silver Mermaid Pillow


37. Makes any room shine. 

"I tend to infuse a touch of glam in all of my styling, and Mermaid Pillows provide that visual interest and beautiful splash of metallics that really make a room shine." - Petra purchased the Black & White Mermaid Sequin Pillow