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Reviews from Educators

"Thank you so much! I received the bracelets and pillows yesterday and brought them into my classroom today. The children loved feeling them. I put them in my calm down area and a few students tried them out. The bracelet was put to use with a student who has high anxiety during music class today."
"I am an Alternative Education teacher and have found that the bracelets I ordered work beautifully for our students with anxiety. This is a blessing! Thank you again!"

- Stephanie M.

"They are a huge hit, they are fabulous for a sensory break when the students need a few minutes and require sensory input. I am actually going to order 3 pillows as well. I am officially an addict. :) "

Thanks, Jenn W.

Educator's Dream
"I decided to try these out to see how beneficial they would be for students with sensory needs, and wore them to work. Let's just say my bracelets got passed around by teachers and students alike. NOW I have 4 class loads of middle school students begging me to buy these as prizes. Even my "grown" 8th grade boys were fascinated by them. Looks like I will be purchasing a lot more in the near future! I really did myself in this time ;) "

- Kalyn E.

Adorable! Awesome! Brilliant! Shimmery!

"A great alternative to fidget spinners. Since seeing her wearing it, my daughter's teacher is recommending these bracelets to other parents. My daughter loves hers and receives comments on how cute it is all the time! Will be purchasing a few more soon; for gifts, and for myself! I feel like I need the pillow in my life. ❤"
"I am a teacher of students with Autism. I received the bracelet this weekend and was very impressed with the quality. I gave it to my student on Monday and it literally improved her day."
Special needs preschoolers
These bracelets are a miracle tool. That give my students the sensory input they need and help them remain with the group and calm! I'm so in love with them!

- Marney R.

"Everyone loves them! These pillows are awesome! I'm a guidance counselor in a high school and every student (and staff member) who come in my office instantly pick up the pillow on my chair and begin playing with it! It's super calming and relaxing! I'll definitely be ordering more!"

- Angela W

Student Favourite!

"I recently bought these as graduation presents for my Kindergarten-aged music students. They loved them! They're a great way to help them calm themselves and focus on our music classes and both the boys and girls loved the bright colours! "

- Joscelyn A

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