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You searched for 'mermaid pillows'...

↓ So, you're looking for these magic mermaid pillows, right? ↓


Yep, we have a lot of colors for you to choose from... but did you know these are much more than just a pillow? 

1. It has a calming effect. 

"My mermaid pillow is truly the coolest thing I own.  It has a calming effect that I just love.  The beauty of the colors, gentle swipes that create the most beautiful images. Awesome and a one of a kind." Khloe purchased the Fuschia & Silver Mermaid Pillow

2. Kids go crazy for them. 

"I got this adorable pillow to go with a knitted mermaid blanket for my 12 year old granddaughter's birthday.  She is going to go crazy for it." - Marci purchased the Matte Navy & Silver Mermaid Sequin Pillow


3. Everyone becomes an artist! 

It's fun to watch people's reaction to the pillows some will just brush it once others will look at as a canvas and create a piece of art!" - Claudia purchased the Fuschia & Silver Mermaid Pillow

So how do you get one? 

You can purchase them from our store and we'll ship it to you in 2-5 business days. It's FREE SHIPPING on every order. 

But it's $50 for a pillow? 

Yep! But we're more than 50% less than any of our competitors. You can check them out here and here. 

Not sure you will like it? 

That's why we offer FREE RETURNS and expedited refunds if you do not like the pillows (or if the recipient doesn't like it they can return it for free, too!)

Okay, I'm ready to try a mermaid pillow...

Great! You can order them here. We're excited to have you as a customer.