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Marketing Guide

Updates 8/15/18

Faster Shipping
We’ve changed the way we ship RMHC pillows to your location. Starting 8/1/18, you will receive RMHC pillows within 3-4 days after a customer donates a pillow.

Email Notifications
You will receive an email each time an RMHC Pillow is donated to your location.

The email will contain the following:

- The customer name, mailing address and email address
- A personal note from the customer (Optional)

Additional Options
We’ve added an additional option for customers to send a pillow directly to the RMHC location of their choice without purchasing one of our other pillows, and have discounted this pillow to 29.99.

Encouraging Customers to Donate
Customers that purchase or donate an RMHC pillow are now receiving a follow up email encouraging them to donate to your RMHC location.

Marketing Resources & Assistance
A few RMHC locations have already earned 10, 20 and even 50+ RMHC pillows. We’ll be in touch in the next few days to share what they are doing in order to drive these donations, and how you can do the same.

Want to order more pillows for your location? 
RMHC locations wishing to purchase RMHC pillows in bulk can do so at the following tiered rate: 
  • 1-9 pillows: $18.50 per pillow
  • 10-24 pillows: $15.50 per pillow
  • 25+ pillows: $12.50 per pillow 

Please email or call  (402) 982-4101 to order!


Marketing Guide

Getting the word out on your new pillow is the next step once your product is created on

We’ll highlight successful Facebook posts, but please feel free to test other channels (email marketing and Instagram, for example). 
Facebook has produced the best results to date in our initial campaigns. It’s also the most efficient way to get your campaign started. 
Here’s a post that performed very well for Ronald McDonald House Charities:
  • Please ‘tag’ Mermaid Pillow Co as a “brand content partner” or “brand partner” if given the option when making the post above. This will allow us to BOOST the Facebook post (at our expense) in order to reach a wider audience. 
  • Please consider scheduling follow-up posts each month. RMHC Omaha provided the following two photos, and we turned them into successful Facebook posts (click to enlarge): 
  • Please feel free to forward any photos to We can use these photos on our own Facebook page, and tag your page, to drive more traffic.