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Are these bracelets and pillows “sensory friendly”?

Our mermaid bracelets recently appeared on the Today Show. 

Our Facebook page has since flooded with comments - mostly positive, some negative - but the most lively discussions argue the question:

Question: Are these bracelets (and pillows) really "sensory-friendly?"

First, some background. 

We created our mermaid bracelets and mermaid pillows because they're fun for kids. And, the positive words (hope; love; think; imagine; and discover) printed on each of our bracelets serves as a daily reminder for our kids. Our hope is to inspire confidence and motivation in the kids that wear them.


But why are we saying they're sensory-friendly?

We tend not to use "sensory-friendly" when describing our bracelets and pillows, and there are no industry guidelines to tell us what qualifies as "sensory-friendly" anyway. Instead, we describe our bracelets and pillows using words like "calming" because they can be anxiety-relieving or produce a calming effect from overstimulation.

Our customers say it best...

Our customers say it best (this video features customers speaking about our mermaid pillows, but it's the same concept as it relates to the benefits).



Customer Reviews

As it relates to the sensory discussion, here are a few of our recent reviews from customers: 

★★★★★ My daughter with autism loves it

My 3yo autistic daughter loves sensory toys and this has provided her hours of soothing entertainment. My husband and I love it, too!

★★★★★ Amazing

My son loves it. It's incredibly soft and very couldn't t together. My son is autistic so texture is a big deal for him and this pillow does wonders. He's learned to use it as a tool. Rubbing it while taking breaths has amazingly brought down his calm down time. I couldn't be happier with this product!!

★★★★★ Magic

This bracelet is amazing for my sensory seeking daughter. Well made. Highly recommend!

★★★★★ Happy

Great for my Dyslexic child that likes the distraction while learning & the sensory feel.

★★★★★ Sensory Stimulation

I bought one pillow for my daughter and two for my kindergarten classroom-everyone loves them! They are great for sensory stimulation and claiming my students and they looks great too. The positive messages are a nice bonus. :relaxed

★★★★★ Love the Feel

The parcel just arrived yesterday & we are very happy. Our kids have sensory needs and they love the feel of the pillows & the patterns they can make- testing out the bracelets at school today- very happy!

Little Packages of Joy

We think David Spence with David Spence's Cancer Fund puts it best: Our bracelets and pillows are little packages of joy. We can't promise much beyond this but we hope it's enough for you to give them a try.

Thanks so much for your support.



Mermaid Pillow Co donates thousands of pillows and bracelets to Children's Hospital, Ronald McDonald House Charities, Grief's Journey and other organizations both locally and nationally, in addition to donating to and sponsoring Autism Speaks events.