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FREE SHIPPING on all U.S. orders

30% Off | Mermaid Pillow Co Gives

Mermaid Pillow Co Gives

Mermaid Pillow Co Gives

Our Mission

Mermaid Pillow Co Gives provides our exclusive lines of pillows, bracelets and blankets free-of-charge through the help of customers like you. We do this by partnering with hospitals, non-profits, and organizations, and through purchases from individual campaigns like this one. 

Shop Today and Save 30%

30% Off Mermaid Pillow Co Gives

When you use the 30% OFF discount code MPCGIVES at checkout in the next 72 hours, proceeds will help fund Mermaid Pillow Co Gives in 2018.

In addition, you will receive an email after your purchase asking if we can make the donation in your name, or if you would prefer to remain anonymous. Either way, your purchase will help us donate a pillow, bracelet or blanket to a child that needs it most.

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Why the 30% off discount code?

You’re helping us give back, so we want to give back to you. It’s a win-win-win and that’s the way we like to do business.

Shop Today and Save 30%

"We knew instantly that Mermaid Pillow Co. was the right partner for the Ronald McDonald House in Omaha because we hold the shared belief in doing something much bigger than ourselves, specifically for children. What we didn’t anticipate, was the overwhelming positive reaction the critically ill children would have upon receiving their special pillow. Each child who has needed to spend the night in the hospital chose to bring their Mermaid Pillow with them to surgery and throughout recovery, every single one. Just as Ronald McDonald House Charities isn’t just a house, Mermaid Pillows are not just pillows – together we are a staple in the foundation of the healing process for children and their families who need it most."

- Lindsey Rai, Ronald McDonald House Charities

"We couldn’t put them down! Everyone who picks up these pillows is immediately mesmerized, from 3-year-old foo-foo girls, to 15-year-old jocks, to twenty-something millennials, to 60+ grandmas and grandpas."

- Karen Galvin, Finance and Events Manager at Grief’s Journey