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You Gave Meaning To Our Small Business

| Posted by Tom Sailors

Thank You

Update 3/31/17: We are now donating $5.00 per pillow to Autism Speaks for every Accept, Understand, Love Pillow purchased. 

When we created our first pillow last November, we didn't intend on it being anything more than a fun, inspirational kids pillow. We simply liked the idea of combining a positive word and character on the front (Discover; Imagine; Love) with bright, stimulating reversible sequins on the back on which kids can draw and create. We started calling these Positivity Pillows ☺.

But through emails and phone calls with customers, what I've experienced since then has brought so much more meaning to our lives and our small business, and I'll share a few of those examples here.

Just a few days ago, Kandi B., whose son is autistic, emailed us the following about his Sharks THINK Pillow

Sharks Think Pillow
My son loves it. It’s incredibly soft and very well put together. My son is autistic so texture is a big deal for him and this pillow does wonders. He’s learned to use it as a tool. Rubbing it while taking breaths has amazingly brought down his calm down time. I couldn’t be happier with this product!!


Kandi B. is one of perhaps 75 -100 customers that have shared a similar story with us. I've spoken with perhaps another 10-12 parents that have been kind enough to talk with me by phone, even helping us organize and contribute to their local autism-related events and organizations to which they belong. We've since sponsored our local AmaXIng Challenge: Step It Up event to raise money for Autism Speaks of which we're a silver sponsor for 2017.


Other customers have commented on the calming effects of the pillows.

I've had customers tell me they've recommended our pillows to their therapists, or how "they're wonderful for long car rides" and "a great alternative to electronics" for keeping kids engaged. Others have said it helps "wind [their kids] down before bedtime." 

It was after speaking with a customer by phone about how "She wishes [her daughter] could take this with her to school so she could sit still..." that we created our Mermaid Bracelet.
Sequin bracelet 

We just released this product recently but the positive effects have been much the same as our pillows.


One of the more recent comments was from Lisa B, whose mother is living with dementia.

My 85-year-old mother is living with dementia in a nursing home. While she has shown little interest in anything the past couple years, your BELIEVE pillow is something she can sit with and play with for literally hours. I think it's the effect of the sequins as they turn on her hands, or maybe the colors as they change, but it's something small to give her some sort of stimulating activity during the day. Thank you.


As a result of Lisa's email, we are working on a program to donate pillows to local nursing homes. 

The overall point of this post is to say thank you for inspiring us.

Thank you for the comments, stories and kind words over the past 5 months. We started this business without much thought to "giving back", but now it's hard to imagine running a business without some other more meaningful purpose.

If our pillows have affected you or someone you love in a positive way, we'd love to hear from you

We'll keep doing our best.

Products Featured In This Article

IMAGINE Mermaid Pillow w/ Reversible Sequins Back

IMAGINE Mermaid Pillow w/ Reversible Sequins Back

from $34.99 to $ 47.99

SIZE: 12 in X 20 in
MAGICAL Unicorn Pillow w/ Reversible Iridescent & Silver Sequins

MAGICAL Unicorn Pillow w/ Reversible Iridescent & Silver Sequins

from $34.99 to $ 47.99

SIZE: 12 in X 20 in
DISCOVERY Dinosaur Pillow w/ Reversible Green & Silver Sequins

DISCOVERY Dinosaur Pillow w/ Reversible Green & Silver Sequins

from $34.99 to $ 47.99

SIZE: 12 in X 20 in

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  • I have ordered the BELIEVE pillow for my granddaughter for Easter. I believe you shipped it yesterday. I am so excited to receive it. Leighann has been dealing with sensory concerns and anxiety, fear, etc for 3to4 years now. She will be 8 years old in July. Will you be making any other bracelets in the near future? I have thought of getting her one for her birthday. Would love to hear rom you. I will let you know when we receive the pillow. Thank you for caring about others. Ron & Debbie Price

    Debbie Price on

  • I bought 3 of these for my nieces (12yr old-unicorn & 8yo-dinosaur) & nephew (5yo-love) {his favorite colors are pink & silver, no judgement, folks!} for their birthdays. Honestly, they were all mesmerized by them when they opened them & played with them all night. But 2 months later, at a recent dinner, i was quite pleased to see my nephew run by w/his, so they’re clearly still a hit!! :D I’m so glad to hear how helpful these have been to people of all ages & that you’ll be continuing you charitable efforts as well!

    Lyndsay Farrell on

  • What a great idea your donating to a Nursing Home! I do this too,by donating gifts to them for them to buy for themselves or for their family.They have the local 4-H club come and wrap their gifts for them!I look forward to this at X-mas every year,to attend!

    Tami Vollenweider on

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