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Hoda Kotb wears our IMAGINE Mermaid Bracelet on the Today Show!

| Posted by Tracy Sailors

Hoda Kotb Today Show Mermaid Bracelet Sequin


If you're thinking what Carson's thinking and want to know the scoop on Hoda's sequin mermaid bracelet on this morning's TODAY Show, we can help you out! 

We spotted Hoda Kotb wearing our popular IMAGINE sequin mermaid bracelet on this morning's show! Thanks, Hoda! :)

Our mermaid bracelets are part of our Kids' Positivity Collection. The bracelets now come in 4 colors and are the perfect add-on to our top-selling IMAGINE Mermaid Pillow


Hoda Kotb Wears Imagine Mermaid Sequin Bracelet


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