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Weighed Blankets & Pillows: 5 Reasons We're Passionate

Weighed Blankets & Pillows: 5 Reasons We're Passionate

Weighted blankets & weighted pillows are something we've been focused on launching for the past few months. 

We delivered our first mermaid sequin pillow in March 2016.

The popularity of our pillows among kids & teens was enormous, but the parents of children with sensory issues were the greatest reason our company flourished in those first few months. 

Powerful messages like this began to emerge: 

My son loves it. It’s incredibly soft and very well put together. My son is autistic so texture is a big deal for him and this pillow does wonders. He’s learned to use it as a tool. Rubbing it while taking breaths has amazingly brought down his calm down time. I couldn’t be happier with this product!! 

So we've embarked on a project to take our exclusive sequin pillows & blankets and create weighted pillows & blankets using our same designs. In addition, we're introducing custom weighted pillows - where you can design your own weighted blanket. 

Here's 5 reasons why we're passionate about weighted blankets & pillows. 

1. We've supported Autism Speaks since the beginning of our business

One of our very first sequin pillows was the ACCEPT, UNDERSTAND, LOVE Pillow was one of our very first pillows where we donated $5.00 for every pillow purchased to Autism Speaks.
Autism Speaks Pillow

The pillow was inspired after receiving hundreds of emails from customers that have expressed how our pillows have helped their children in various ways. 

"My son loves it. It's incredibly soft and very couldn't t together. My son is autistic so texture is a big deal for him and this pillow does wonders. We added a weighted pillow insert to it & he's learned to use it as a tool. Rubbing it while taking breaths has amazingly brought down his calm down time. I couldn't be happier with this product!!"  - Kandi B

"I ordered one of your awesome pillows for my autistic daughter and she absolutely loves it! We use it as a calmer and have and will continue to recommend to other parents with autistic kids." Pamela E. 

"My son has sensory issues and I thought this would be perfect for physical therapy and it has been! We are also using it to draw shapes, letters and numbers to begin teaching that as well!" - Kelly B.


2. We continue to support local Autism groups & events 

Autism Speaks - Mermaid Pillow CoThrough the women of the Gamma Delta Chapter of Alpha Xi Delta at the University of Nebraska Omaha, Mermaid Pillow Co has sponsored the AmaXIng Challenge: Step It Up event to raise money for Autism Speaks

Step It Up is a 3K or 5K walk/run closely modeled after Autism Speaks’ signature event Walk Now for Autism Speaks. The event raises funds for Alpha Xi Delta’s National Philanthropy, Autism Speaks.

The event is one step towards helping find the missing piece of the autism puzzle by raising funds and awareness.


3. Sequin Pillows Ease Anxiety, Our Customers Say

mermaid pillow eases anxiety

This is an article we wrote two years ago. It describes one customer, Kerrith, and her experience with our sequin pillows. 
Kerith Carsus suffers from anxiety and depression. In May, her sister, Deirdre, bought her a mermaid sequin pillow.
“She bought me my first one”, Kerrith says, "and I then bought another for my house so others don't play with mine."
Kerith claims the pillows have had a calming effect on her, easing her anxiety and even her headaches and migraines. She states, "for me, just the touch and feel of the scales going back and forth and watching the colors change and go back with ease to its natural color is mesmerizing. It brings me to a different calming state so I can re-center myself."
Kerith has become such a believer that she is recommending the pillow to not only her family and friends, but even her own therapist. "I am seeing my therapist next week and going to show her my pillow and tell her what it does for me", Kerrith tells us, "I think it would be a benefit for her to recommend to her patients." 

4. Adding Weight to Texture Will Make That Much Better

Imagine Mermaid and Sharks Think

Q: What's your favorite thing about your mermaid pillow?
A: Drawing on them together and making up designs.

Q: How do people react the first time they see it?
A: They are excited that they actually work.

Q: How would you describe your pillow?
A: Therapeutic, relaxing without the mess


Imagine Mermaid BackImagine and Shark


5. Sequins Calm & So Does Weight

Q: What's your favorite thing about your mermaid pillow?

A: Both my children love creating art with their pillows and they like that the reverse side is very soft and cozy. They really enjoy the contrast of textures.

Q: How do people react the first time they see it?

A: They love the idea and creativity of it. Immediately they flip the pillow and play with the sequin side and draw something.



Q: How would you describe your pillow? 

A: My daughter loves to just create something and see the colors change right away as she works. She is such a fan of puppies and interacts with the puppy on the reverse side all the time. My son finds his pillow very calming and often likes to just play with it after story time to fully relax before sleep. He really enjoys the textures of both sides.


Q: Any final thoughts or questions?

A: Definitely a pillow with yellow sequins. So many alternative color sequins would look great with yellow: iridescent, purple, blue, orange... There are also some really fun animals that you could choose to highlight such as a duck (ducks dance/daydream), a leopard (leopards leap), a golden seahorse (seahorses sing), a bumblebee (bumble bees beguile/bedazzle/bloom/blaze/are brave/, a goldfish (goldfish giggles/glows), a parrot (parrots persevere)....

Definitely need a yellow option!


We're so excited to be releasing our weighted pillows & blankets. 

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