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Want To Be In Our Next Commercial?

| Posted by Tanya Bacon

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Would you like to be featured in our next Facebook video commercial + get a $50.00 eGift Card to

Our first Imagine Mermaid Pillow video has received over 6 million views so far, and with your help, we hope to do even better with our next video!

It's easy, here's how:

1) WHO → You and/or your little ones record a video! Email us the video or post a 15-45 second video to our Facebook page featuring YOU and/or your little ones and your mermaid pillow(s), mermaid bracelet or mermaid blanket tail -- describing why you/they love them! :) 

2) WHAT → Just be yourself. Let us know why you love your pillow. If you are able to "draw" on the pillow as part of your video, that's a bonus - and showing the front/back, if possible, is always great. Please don't feel you need to "sell" our pillow on video - just an authentic video of the reason(s) you like your pillow are perfect! Below you will find some example videos customers have sent in. 

3) WHERE → Doesn't matter to us! You pick the location! Inside or outside - anywhere! 

4) WHEN: We'll choose 3-4 videos by late next week (late May 2017) - and then, create a commercial with your individual video or combine it with other customer videos to create the commercial. Note: While everyone who submits a video can't win the $50 gift card or be included in the commercial, everyone that sends us a video will get something.

5) HOW → If you use a smartphone to record the video, please be sure to record it with the phone held in landscape (horizontal) as opposed to straight up and down (vertical). These videos work better in our commercials! Then email it to us or post it on our Facebook page

Thanks for your help! Please email us any questions and we usually respond within 1-2 hours! :) 

- Mermaid Pillow Co


Customer Videos:



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