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The Story Behind Your Mermaid Bracelet

| Posted by Tom Sailors

It was last December. Just after Christmas. 

"My daughter is obsessed with her 
mermaid pillow", said Kelly, one of our first customers. "It's really calming."

"It's calming?" I remember wondering. 

Kelly continued: "I wish they'd let her bring it to school after break. It helps her relax. She likes to fidget. The pillow helps her self-regulate."

Fidget, self-regulate? I knew we created a fun pillow but I never thought it was anything more than that.

So I began talking with more parents and teachers. I did some research of my own. I called our customers. I read the emails from parents of children with Autism, ADHD, anxiety and other issues where our pillows and bracelets seem to provide some positive benefit. And the emails kept coming. 

Kelly, in the meantime, had unknowingly set into motion something that has since helped thousands of kids, hundreds of teachers, and changed the way I approach and run our business.

Kelly inspired the Imagine Bracelet that you ordered from us. It was our idea for an "on-the-go" version of it's matching pillow. Some customers like the pillows and bracelets because they're fun and sparkly, and that's really cool. For others, they provide some level of comfort, and that's really inspiring.

And here's the win-win-win:
 Because of people like you, we've been able to routinely donate our pillows and bracelets to schools, hospitals, and other organizations where they can have the biggest impact.

So yes, we created a fun pillow (and then your bracelet). But we are also impacting lives in a real way. I know because I get the emails and phone calls every single day.

And I also know something else: None of this would be possible if it wasn't for you.

Thank you. Have a great weekend.


Tom Sailors, co-owner

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  • The bracelets are very nice and I’m sure my great-granddaughters will love them. I hope to get them the pillow to match it’s for Christmas. Thank you for a great product !!!!

    Barbara Kirby on

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