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The 5 Weirdest Photos Customers Asked Us to Reveal on a Pillow (Updated June '19)

"I bet you see see a lot of interesting pictures?" people ask. 

Interesting is definitely one word for it.

The truth is that we underestimated a small segment of our customers and the photos they'd choose for their Prank Pillow - a $40 decorative throw pillow that reveals a secret photo when the reversible sequins are swiped by the "lucky" recipient. 

And we thought it would just be a bunch of faces (ha):

Prank Pillows


Let's dive right in with #5. 

#5. The Surprise Middle Finger Pillow

It's a sure fire way to get a guaranteed reaction. Usually given as a gift. Smile & flip the middle finger or look super angry...either approach will shock the recipient & delight the people who witness it. Create Your Prank Pillow >

#4. The Butt Pillow

We've delivered our fair share of butt pillows. Like the middle finger pillow, it's usually given as a gift. Bonus: Customers have asked us to print their face on the front of the pillow & butt on the sequins (hidden) side of the pillow.  Create Your Prank Pillow >

#3. The Embarrassing Childhood Photo Pillow

It's usually Mom or Grandma that digs up an old photo from middle school and asks us to print & deliver the pillow to their unsuspecting son or grandson. Oftentimes these pillows get the best reaction because the recipient's stunned that grandma would do such a thing. Create Your Prank Pillow >

#2 The Photoshopped Pillow

When the world's most embarrassing photo doesn't already exist, then some customers with Photoshop skills will simply create one. Create Your Prank Pillow >

#1. The Refunded Pillows

We have a sense of humor so it was hard coming up with an Acceptable Content Policy, but we've had to decline & refund a few pillows that were a bit much. For those daring enough you can use your imagination.  Create Your Prank Pillow >

Since launching the Prank Pillow in late 2019, we've since added the GIFFY Pillow & Two-Faced Pillow which allow you to print on both sides of the pillow, or even both sides of the sequins. 

GIFFY Sequin Pillow


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