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Grief's Journey

Grief's Journey

Grief’s Journey is a very special organization based in Omaha, Nebraska, providing grief support to people of all ages. They promote healthy coping methods to help improve the lives of everyone who seeks their compassion. “We have opportunities every day to offer comfort, understanding, and hope,” said Karen Galvin, Finance and Events Manager at Grief’s Journey.

On Saturday, June 3, the Mermaid Pillow Company donated 30 mermaid pillows and bracelets to Grief’s Journey. Being based in Elkhorn, Nebraska, we love giving back to the community we call home.

“We couldn’t put them down!” Karen remarked, thrilled by the donation. “Everyone who picks up these pillows is immediately mesmerized, from 3-year-old foo-foo girls, to 15-year-old jocks, to twenty-something millennials, to 60+ grandmas and grandpas.” Several of her staff members recognized the mermaid pillows and suggested they can be helpful to children with autism. Because of this, Grief’s Journey has placed a mermaid pillow in all of their group rooms.

The donation was set up in part by Dave Spence from The Cancer Fund. Dave has worked with Grief’s Journey before, and values the organization for the support they provide to people of all ages, especially children, going through a traumatic experience. He loves to help alleviate the pain of those seeking support at the organization, and feels the tactile movement of the mermaid pillow sequins can help provide much needed comfort, calm, and joy. “Those pillows are fantastically fun, and bright, and joyous within themselves.”

David Spence - Grief Journey - Mermaid Pillow Donation

“There’s an excitement and a comfort and a discovery all at the same time when you touch one of these fabulous pillows,” said Karen. “They’re fun and therapeutic.”

Parents of children at the organization took the time to write thank-you notes to our company for the donation. We never expect anything in return when the Mermaid Pillow Company makes donations, so we were humbled by this kind act. 

"It adds a greater purpose to our business," said co-owner Tom Sailors. "For me, and for everyone on our team, giving back to Grief’s Journey makes what we do much more meaningful than just 'selling pillows'. To have created a pillow that can provide some comfort for these children dealing with a loss is a rewarding feeling, and it motivates us to continue giving back to the community."

The Mermaid Pillow Company plans to continue working with Grief's Journey, and looks forward to working with other organizations as well. 

To learn more about Grief’s Journey, you can visit their webpage here. If you are interested in donations or fundraising for your organization, please contact us through our fundraising page.


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Deb - December 19, 2017

Last year I started buying gifts that helped others in some way. This year my granddaughters are receiving pillows & bracelets that I know they will love, and I am thrilled that the company I am supporting is involved in giving joy to very special kiddos! Thank you so much & God bless you!

Morgan Dejesus - November 8, 2017

I came across this page on accident while Christmas shopping and want to say thank you for doing amazing things. Our world lacks compassion and it is so beautiful to see a small business doing so much! I will be placing an order within the next week for my kids! You have earned my business, dont ever change who you are!!! I will also share your page to all of my other Mom friends! Keep up the great work!

Bernadette Torretto Bernardini - October 20, 2017

Doing God’s work to help others with love, joy, selflessness is humbling. What beautiful Mermaid pillows you make and share richly with your community! How FUN for everyone and what a lovely message you are teaching your children. Bravo!

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