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Courtney Noelle Uses Mermaid Pillows to Create a Super Happy, Fun Vibe

Courtney Noelle Uses Mermaid Pillows to Create a Super Happy, Fun Vibe

This week, we chat with Courtney Noelle, serial entrepreneur and owner of Courtney describes her newest venture as a "social store with a super happy, fun vibe" and talks to us about how the mermaid pillows - like all her items - bring sheer joy to her customers.

Read on to learn more about Courtney, her brands, see check out some amazing photos of her office! 

How did your store get started?
Courtney: Being the serial entrepreneur that I am, after selling Girl ExtraOrdinaire, and moving to Colorado, I focused on Nature’s Notebook, and launching a blog,! Funny story, about that, it was on the back burner to launch the blog until I fell and broke my ankle. With that being said, I had my blog, store, and a new job launched all in that time period. I couldn’t be more thrilled with how it came out. Thus, all of those brands were born.

Mermaid Pillows on Courtney's Office

What makes your store unique today?
Courtney: My store is unique because it is more of a social store. You get a super happy, fun vibe when you go there, and I offer only products that will bring sheer joy to people’s lives. I want to offer a daily dose of fun inspiration, from my tips and tricks, to my DIY projects, to a peak into my life as a fashion Senior Account Executive for I know it sounds like a lot going on, but I am better when am busier and seem to accomplish a lot more because I have to. Plus, I love what I do, I get to bring joy to others and build relationships all in the comfort of my magical pink office that I was able to create after moving back to the amazing state of Colorado.

Why did you choose to carry mermaid pillows for your store?
Courtney: I wanted joyful stylish products….and let’s be honest these pillows are sheer joy! Who doesn’t love a shiny sequin pillow. They are well made, shine bright, and add a beautiful touch to any home decor! 

Mermaid Sequin Pillows on Courtney's Office

How have customers reacted? Any surprising reactions or comments?
Courtney: People are loving them, and they always bring a smile to people’s faces. The hot pink and turquoise seem to be the best sellers, as they are such a bright and beautiful pop of color. They will brighten up any room.

Anything else you can add?
Courtney: High Kicks and Have a magical day!

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