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Camp Quality Heartland Donation

Camp Quality Heartland Donation

Camp Quality Heartland provides a unique experience for children with pediatric cancer and their families. This free summer camp provides a respite from the daily realities - financial, emotional, and familial stress - by giving them the opportunity to create special memories together at camp.

With the help of Dave Spence and The Cancer Fund, we arranged to donate dozens of mermaid pillows and bracelets in the hopes of brightening these campers’ experiences!

Mermaid Pillow Customer Photos

“The mermaid pillows and bracelets were an amazing surprise to our campers!” said Angela Batson, Executive Director of Camp Quality Heartland. “They were so excited to receive the pillows; so many commented that they had been wanting one for so long!”

Camp Quality enhances their campers’ experiences with the use of a special type of therapy they developed called “Smile Therapy”. Angela explained this type of therapy as “encouraging and empowering every kid to be more than they imagined they could be.” It’s about “reminding both the diagnosed child and their siblings that they are more than cancer,” and “watching kids try something new…and discovering a new talent they had not realized existed.”

Our mermaid pillows and bracelets helped provide smile therapy to their campers as they gave the children a new creative outlet, and gave them the chance to be children without any worries. Angela told us just how excited the campers were to receive these gifts. “It was like Christmas morning—so excited, so many smiles, and we were so excited to be able to give them an unexpected surprise at camp.”

The bracelets are a newer addition to our store, so we were delighted to share these fun accessories with the children. Camp Quality claimed the children loved these, and they were almost a bigger hit than the pillows! Angela told us the children reacted so strongly to the products because “[t]hey were so soft, and the movable sequins were so fun."

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Camp Quality Heartland is one of 14 Camp Quality chapters. To find out more about this organization, visit their website.

For information about how you can fundraise for your organization, please visit our fundraising page.

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