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Camp CoHoLo Donation

Camp CoHoLo Donation

Parents call our pillows "calming, comforting, and a good distraction without the screen." Because of this, we partnered again with Dave Spence and The Cancer Fund to donate 100 pillows to the kids at Camp CoHoLo in hopes it would provide some comfort, and make their time away at camp a little bit brighter.

Camp CoHoLo Donation

Camp CoHoLo, (Courage, Hope, and Love), is a summer camp in Nebraska for children impacted by cancer or blood disorders. This camp provides all of the fun summer camp activities with added care from volunteer pediatric hematology/oncology physicians and nurses. The volunteer medical staff assures parents their campers’ health will be monitored and their medications will be taken.

“I think [Camp CoHoLo] gives these kids the opportunity to do something they can’t do as easily as other kids,” said Jeremy Stanislav, Executive Director of Sammy’s Heroes and two-year volunteer Camp CoHoLo counselor. “These kids deserve to have the same experiences as other kids. They deserve to laugh and have fun.”

Jeremy told us he was fortunate enough to be able to deliver the pillows to the children, and he saw firsthand the joy the pillows brought to them. “When kids are sick, they are down. They don't often think about what could happen in a week or year. They are only focused on the pain they feel…I think these pillows help them focus on something else.”

"They are only focused on the pain they feel…I think these pillows help them focus on something else."

Dave Spence helped deliver the pillows as well, and he also believes providing a distraction for these children is so important. “It’s so nice to be able to go into an environment where these kids are so sick and they need a little something just to bring them a little bit of joy during the day…and these pillows certainly do that.”

Camp CoHoLo Donation

Jeremy noted how the campers instantly played with the pillows once they arrived. Everyone quickly chose their favorite, even the counselors. "Personally...[I] love the shark," said Jeremy. 

Camp CoHoLo hosts two summer camp session each year, and more information for the organization can be found here. To find out about how you can fundraise for your organization, please visit our fundraising page.  

Video: David Spence of David Spence's Cancer Fund: 

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