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FREE SHIPPING on all U.S. orders
Bar Mitzvah in Frisco, Texas & 150 Custom Sequin Pillows

Bar Mitzvah in Frisco, Texas & 150 Custom Sequin Pillows

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Mermaid Pillow Co was hired to create 150 Personalized Sequin Pillows in 4 hours as part of a Bar Mitzvah in Frisco, Texas. Each guest went home with a personalized photo sequin pillow featuring their photo within the event logo (a DBTV logo). 

Bar Mitzvah Pillows

DBTV custom logo pillow: The sequins "flip" to reveal the image on the opposite side.

A photo of each guest was taken as they arrived. The photo was printed, cut, and pressed before being assembled and delivered to the main event room.

Bar Mitzvah Photo Pillows & Ideas

The pillows were displayed on tables and available for guests to pick-up as they left the event. 

Bat Mitzvah Custom Pillows

Tanya & Josh from Mermaid Pillow Co made it happen: 150 Personalized Sequin Pillows in 4 hours!

Mermaid Pillow Co - Tanya Pleiss

You guys were awesome.  People are still talking about the pillows.  They looked great. 
Thank you to you and your team for making it happen.  We are going to tell everyone we know about you all. - Berk Family

 Special thanks to the Berk family for including us in your big day! 

Interested in booking Mermaid Pillow Co for your event?  Email Tanya at

1. We come to you! On-location personalized pillows for our guests.
2. Fixed Cost: No hourly fees or surprises 
3. Don't need us on-location? We can create your custom pillows today and ship them directly to you.


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Laura Schindler - June 30, 2019

Hi! I’m an event planner and love your custom pillows. In fact, I attended the Special Events Conference in San Diego in January and saw a similar product, but not one that could be made on the spot for an event. I have a few big Mitzvah’s in September & November.
Please call me to discuss pricing, etc..
Thanks so much,

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