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6 Reasons Mom Needs A Mother's Day Mermaid Pillow

6 Reasons Mom Needs A Mother's Day Mermaid Pillow

Mother's Day is just around the corner. Arriving every year on the second Sunday of May, Mother's Day presents an opportunity to celebrate the mothers and grandmothers who both gave us life and offered their love and guidance. If you're considering buying a Mother's Day gift for a mother or grandmother in your life this year, consider buying her a pillow from Mermaid Pillow Company. Mermaid Pillow Co.'s pillows are something useful that any mom could benefit from and enjoy.

Here's why.

1. They're Inspiring and Positive
On Mother's Day, you want to show how much someone is appreciated. Mermaid Pillow Co.'s pillows contain uplifting messages that promote positive feelings and communicate how much someone is loved. Our most popular Mother's Day pillow is designed with the quote "Everything I am, You helped me to be." and has become the most popular pillow from our Uplifting collection. You can also choose from pillows that say "serenity," "inspire," and "love yourself" -- or ones with messages of confidence and reassurance.

2. They're Mesmerizing! 
If you're looking to give your mother something that will spruce up her living room or bedroom decor, the pillows from Mermaid Pillow Co. are an excellent choice. Each pillow features beautiful designs and mesmerizing sequins, which means they'll not only make mom feel good -- they'll also look good in her space. They're customizable If you want to give your mother or grandmother a unique gift this year, Mermaid Pillow Company also allows you to customize your very own 3 pillow set for $99

3. They're Calming 
Help mom relax and tune back into the world around them. Mermaid pillows also have a calming effect.

4. They're Comfortable
We all want our mothers and grandmothers to feel comfortable, so we've made the front of the Mother's Day Pillow in super-soft velvet. It's the most comfortable cover she has ever felt. 

5. It's Entertaining
Mermaid Pillows are a great conversation piece. When mom has company, not only are the pillows soft to lean on when chatting or catching up, but they're instant conversation pieces -- everyone in the room will want to take turns drawing on the back of this pillow.

The Mermaid Pillow Co. Gives Back
When you buy a Mermaid Pillow from Mermaid Pillow Co., you're supporting a company that doesn't just create pillows -- we also give back. Mermaid Pillow Co. has donated proceeds to Autism Speaks and donated pillows to Omaha's Children's Hospital.

Please consider getting mom a mermaid pillow this Mother's Day. Check out the options below! 

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