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"It's definitely a show piece!" - Erica R., Customer since May 2016

"It's definitely a show piece!" - Erica R., Customer since May 2016

Erica Rubin ordered her first mermaid pillow ( Matte Navy & Silver Mermaid Pillow) in May 2016. We asked Erica where she displays her mermaid pillow, how it has improved the room, and how people respond when they first see her mermaid pillow. 

What rooms are you decorating with your mermaid pillows?
Erica: Its "home" is in the living room on a recently acquired antique chair that my husband and I are preparing to have reupholstered (bringing back to life the original green).


matte navy & silver mermaid pillow

How has it improved the room?
Erica: It's definitely a show piece - it captures the attention of everyone as soon as they walk into the room.

Do you use it for anything other than decorating?
Erica: My son (age 10) and I leave messages on it for each other - any time you find a message it's time to "erase" it and leave your own. It's also not uncommon to find that someone has taken it to the couch to fidget with while watching TV.

How do people respond when they see the pillow for the first time?
Erica: There are two kinds of people when it comes to visitors seeing the pillow for the first time - they're either wide-eyed and saying "wow" because they've never seen anything like it and think it's really cool, OR they excitedly proclaim that they've seen videos on Facebook and are jealous of the fact that I actually have one.

Anything else you can share?
Erica: The shiny part is pretty intense so I'm glad I opted for a matte pillow - not only does it "tone down" the whole pillow but it allows for a sharper contrast between the matte navy and the shiny silver.

I like that the pillow changes any time someone sits in the chair...assuming they've sat just to sit and not to play with the pillow ;-)  Sitting down and getting up again is enough of a motion to flip the sequins so it never looks the same way twice.

My son and I have jokingly wondered what it'd be like to have the entire couch covered in mermaid material or what it would look like as the covering of an accent wall - we think the wall idea sounds like a lot of fun though and I could see maybe tackling such a project some day.


A big thank you to Erica for taking the time to share her photos and comments! If you are a current customer and would like to be featured on our blog, please write 

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