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Photo Blog: Hutch Modern Furniture + Mermaid Pillows

Photo Blog: Hutch Modern Furniture + Mermaid Pillows

The first time I saw a mermaid pillow, I was amazed. In fact, I believe my exact reaction was, "whoa", which was immediately followed by a very dramatic, "what. is. this?" Unlike anything I'd ever seen before, I was blown away by its colors, creativity, and versatility. I then began imagining the type of room that it would belong in. A bedroom? An office space? A museum?!

Turns out, the mermaid pillow can do it all. Along with its ability to shift colors, it has a unique ability to become a cohesive accent piece within any type of room. To show this off, MPC decided to collaborate with one of Omaha's neatest interior design stores -- Hutch Modern Furniture. 

This store, as described by their website, is a mix of modern, local, and vintage furnishings. What began as a weekend project of selling vintage furniture later turned into the incredible, diverse store that exists today in the Midtown area of Omaha, Nebraska. Hutch carries furniture and interior decor pieces from both nationally renowned and crazy-talented local vendors. Full of natural lighting, fantastic staff, and impressed customers, Hutch is one of the coolest places to shop in Omaha.

Check out the photos below to see how beautifully our mermaid pillows blended into the diverse corners and crannies of Hutch. 


Thank you to the wonderful store owner, Nick, for letting us pull off this project!  

Like what you see? Go shopping ! ! !

(+ be sure to find us on instagram/pinterest/twitter here: @mermaidpillowco)


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