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3 Surprising Things You Didn't Know About Mermaid Pillows

| Posted by Jen Brady

We all know mermaid pillows can be a great accessory for any room, but what else can they do?

- - - 

1) Our pillows can be very therapeutic for individuals who deal with anxiety. The movable sequins and change in color is a healthful + calming way to deal with the stresses of everyday life. We have had many customers reach out to us about this, so we thought you should know about this, too! If you need a quick, easy, + inexpensive way to reduce your stress, spend a minute moving the sequins on your mermaid pillow. (And let us know how it helps!)  

- - - 

2)  Babies and children love them! Mermaid pillows have a unique ability to engage children as young as 3 months old, which is likely due to their flashy colors and changeable appearance. Store owner, Tom, states that his 16-month-old twins are completely fascinated by them and he believes it is helping their eye/hand coordination and processing skills. So, keep a mermaid pillow around any space with children for a fun (and educational) piece of entertainment! 

- - - 

3) Older adults love them, too! When Tom Sailors took a pillow an older loved one in a nursing home, their mood (+ day) was immediately improved. Keep life interesting and monotony free by giving someone the gift of a mermaid pillow. It sparks happiness, takes away boredom, and may even bring back a memory or two.

- - -  

So... what are you waiting for?! Go grab your Mermaid Pillow today! 

(And if you already have... grab another!) 


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