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FREE SHIPPING on all U.S. orders
3 Spaces That Deserve a Mermaid Pillow

3 Spaces That Deserve a Mermaid Pillow

1) The Bedroom 

Pro Tip: if you're looking for the perfect touch to your bedroom, look no further than Whether you are searching for a neutral addition or something more vibrant, we've got just what you're looking for. Below, you will see how we placed two of our favorite pillows! 


2) The Office

Maybe you work for a big company, or a small company, or somewhere in between. Maybe you work in a doctor's office, an interior design lounge, a restaurant, or even from home. Regardless of you or your loved ones workplace, a mermaid pillow is a beautiful accent piece! Take a look at how we placed ours...

3) The Living Room

To say that mermaid pillows look amazing in a living room would be an understatement. Because of their unique and eye catching nature, they attract attention near and far. Disclaimer: we are not liable for stealing the spotlight from the precious kids, animals, etc. within your home. ;) The mermaid pillow will add color, liveliness, and joy to any type of living room they're added to. Here's how we styled ours! 

 Wherever your pillow ends up, we are confident you will be happy with the result! 

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