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Customer Spotlight: "The sparkles on the pillow make her feel magic"

| Posted by Mickayla Peterson

Customer Name: Rebekah J., Australia
Item(s) Ordered: HOPE Bunny Pillow w/ Reversible Iridescent & Silver Sequins

Hope Bunny Mermaid Pillow

What's your favorite thing about your mermaid pillow?

Rebekah: She loves how soft the pillow is and how sparkly the other side is! Little Miss' favourite colour is pink and she loves all things sparkly and shiny!

How do people react the first time they see it?

Rebekah: Everyone wants to touch it and rub their hands across it. It's so well made and was such a great price. 

Hope Bunny Back

How would you describe your pillow?

Rebekah: Definitely addictive! Everyone in the house wants their own to play with. Little Miss loves colour and the sparkles on the pillow make her feel magic.

What pillow should we create next?

Rebekah: Cat!!

Hope bunny with design

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