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Customer Spotlight: "The pillow is irresistible for children and adults."

| Posted by Mickayla Peterson

Customer Name: Nicki L,. Indiana
Item(s) Ordered: Imagine Mermaid, Fairy's Soar, Magical Unicorn


Q: What's your favorite thing about your mermaid pillow?

A: She likes it because it's soft, pretty and sparkly.

Q: How do people react the first time they see it?

A: My niece was was excited to receive the pillow. At her birthday party all of the other kids crowded around her when she opened it and couldn't resist touching the pillow and experimenting with the double sided sequins. I immediately got (and still receive) requests from my other nieces for a pillow on their birthdays.

I have two boys. Even though the pillows I purchased were "girly", my boys played with the pillows for a few days before we gave the first one. They enjoyed watching the sunlight coming through the windows reflecting off the sequins and creating beautiful colors on the ceiling.


Q: How would you describe your pillow? 

A: The pillow is irresistible for children and adults. A person can't help but touch the soft sequins and try to create new designs.

Q: Any final thoughts or questions?

A: I think you should create pillows with Bible verses about God's beauty, goodness, forgiveness, etc. With more muted sequins colors for home decorating could be worth exploring.

Or pillows for decorating a themed nursery...elephants, foxes seem to be popular right now.


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