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Customer Spotlight: "After a few days, I was back on the site ordering 3 more!"

| Posted by Mickayla Peterson

Customer Name: Amy Bader., Pennsylvania
Item(s) Ordered: Accept, Love, and Understand Pillow



Q: What's your favorite thing about your mermaid pillow?

A: I originally purchased 1 mermaid pillow for my daughter Lucy, who is on the spectrum. She loves rubbing her hands over blankets and other textured items, especially if they change appearance. She's always enjoyed 'drawing' on things like microfiber fabric and soft fleeces that have a light/dark side, so I just knew she'd love this pillow! What I didn't realize was how much my other children would love it, too! After a few days, I was back on the site ordering 3 more!

Q: How do people react the first time they see it?

A: People are just fascinated with them!

Q: How would you describe your pillow? 

A: My kids love their pillows. In fact, my daughter Lucy took hers on a trip with her, and both of my daughters are planning on taking them to camp next week! They are both comforting and creative.

Q: Any final thoughts or questions?

A: My daughter said, "a pillow with purple and pink sequences that says I *heart* my family!" :)


Accept, Understand, and Love back of pillow

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